Curriculum Intent and Organisation

Curriculum Intent Statement 2023

Curriculum Intent 

To deliver a Technical/STEM focused curriculum,

that improves literacy skills,

and provides regular opportunities to engage in practical learning,

to enable students to develop technical knowledge and skills,

and achieve good academic qualifications, allowing them to progress to university or an apprenticeship at the end of Year 13

Brook 6th Form and Academy aims to deliver a STEM focused curriculum, that provides students with regular opportunities to engage in practical learning and employer-led projects, to enhance student enjoyment and understanding of the curriculum, whilst also enabling students to achieve good academic (GSCE, A’ Levels) and Technical (BTEC, CTEC) qualifications to successfully progress to university or apprenticeships at the end of Year 13.


Academy Curriculum Intent


Our focus is on educating and preparing young people for the next stage of their educational career, whether an apprenticeship or university. The UTC is the stepping stone for students to their destination of choice. The KS4 and KS5 engineering curriculum is designed in collaboration with industrial partners and sponsors. This enables us to deliver and equip the students with the skills and qualifications required by industry and universities.

Students are provided with regular opportunities to engage in practical learning through timetabled engineering workshops and science practical lessons. Additionally, students can participate in employer-led projects to gain insight and understand employer expectations in applying their skills and knowledge.


We aim to foster a culture of independence with students increasingly taking responsibility for managing their behaviour and approach to learning. By creating a safe learning environment and providing resources to support independence, students transition from school pupil to college student.

Increasingly opportunities are created within subjects and across the Academy to enhance students' Cultural Capital to enable them to participate as active members of society.


Brook 6th Form and Academy is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) UTC. It offers a STEM-focused curriculum for students who want to progress onto a STEM-focused degree at university or an apprenticeship at the end of the sixth form.

We recognise that increasingly students also wish to study an arts-based subject alongside their STEM subjects. At KS4, this is offered by including GCSE Media and at KS5 through the inclusion of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). EPQ allows students to complete in-depth research on a subject area of choice outside of their core subject specification. The artefact or essay produced provides students with an opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills developed as part of the application of their research. This skill is highly valued by both employers and universities alike.

At each key stage, the curriculum is enhanced by working closely with the Brook 6th Form and Academy sponsors, Ford and UCL, and other local and national employers. Engineering students are provided with an employer engagement experience by completing projects related to their Engineering subject specification. A’ Level students are provided with a university engagement experience through the delivery of the UCL Led Masterclasses. The opening of UCL PEARL in 2021, based in Dagenham, provides Elutec Academy students with additional opportunities to work with a university as an employer, gaining valuable insight into the world of work preparing them for their next steps.

Curriculum Organisation

The Brook 6th Form and Academy curriculum is designed for students who desire to excel and fulfil their potential in engineering, maths and science subjects, regardless of background or previous academic ability.

Key Stage 4 (KS4)

Students will study a STEM-focused curriculum that has been, in part, designed in partnership with the sponsors and is geared towards ensuring that students can progress on to the sixth form and then move into an apprenticeship or university. Students will study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Media, alongside non-examined subjects PSHE, Accelerated Reading and PE.

Key Stage 5 (KS5)

Currently, there are five pathways at KS5 that include a STEAM and STEM focus:

  • Pathway one offers a purely A-Level pathway to university and or apprenticeship. Students select three of the following A’ Level subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and Media.
  • Pathway two offers the Extended Diploma in Engineering (equivalent to three A levels) as a pathway to university and or apprenticeship.
  • Pathway three offers the Diploma in Engineering (equivalent to two A levels) plus A’ Level Maths as a pathway to university and apprenticeship.
  • Pathway four offers the Diploma in Engineering (equivalent to two A levels) as a pathway to university and apprenticeship.
  • Pathway five offers a Level 2 Engineering Certificate with possible resit of GCSE Maths and/or English Language. (Only available in year 12). This course provides a pathway to further education or a Level 3 Diploma in Engineering at Elutec Academy Sixth Form.

All Level 3 students study the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Year 12.

In addition, there is a compulsory extended curriculum of Engineering Workshop, Science Practical, Sport and PSHE.

From September 2023, additional pathways will be introduced to take advantage of the Academy's unique position opposite the forthcoming Eastbrook Studios.

  • Pathway, Extended Diploma in Digital Media as a pathway to university and apprenticeship.
  • Pathway, Diploma in Digital media and A’ Level Computer Science as a pathway to university and apprenticeship.

It is important to note that Film Studios require considerable technical and engineering expertise that Elutec Academy already develops with its students.