The Big Write

The Big Write at Brook Sixth Form and Academy

At Brook Sixth Form and Academy, we aspire for our students to be capable, motivated and confident writers.
Writing is a life skill that everyone needs in order to communicate with others through the written word. Writing skills determine if we receive the desired reaction from our audience. They foster our ability to explain and refine our ideas to ourselves and to others. Writing enables us to reach a much larger audience over time. It is the ideal way to express our views on the topics we want to address to our audience.

Writing allows us to become better thinkers and enhances our communication skills. It builds the capacity to explore new subjects and releases our potential to learn and grow as individuals.

It is imperative that students master writing skills in school as these underpin progress and impact attainment. Students who can write effectively become more capable of analysing what they read, interpret and think.
At Brook Sixth Form and Academy, we actively promote effective writing through the Big Write programme. We encourage students to see writing as a process that includes planning content, drafting, evaluating, revising and editing as stages that lead to effective writing.

For the Big Write, all subjects across the school teach writing and provide regular writing opportunities where students produce extended pieces of writing which are marked for literacy.

Students are provided with opportunities to respond to and act upon feedback that they are given in order to develop their writing skills. Staff have high expectations of the quality of written work and consistently challenge students to produce higher quality written responses. This, as a result, equips students with skills that will enable them to become effective writers as they move on to further education and/or work.

The levels awarded from the Big Write inform the half termly literacy level given to all students.