Expectations and Support

At Brook 6th Form and Academy, we pride ourselves on how our young people behave at all times.

We expect all students to arrive on time, every day and be prepared for their learning. In return for this, we offer a fully supportive Academy day which starts from the moment you enter the building.

Your child will be nurtured via their form tutor from the outset whereby they will gain the confidence to flourish in all aspects of Academy life. We expect all our students to carry with them a reading book as we believe that reading is a skill that is fundamental to learning.

All students follow the behaviour policy within the Academy and especially relating to the ‘no touch’ rule as all students need to be, and feel safe at all times.

The Pastoral team are available all of the time to ensure that your child is supported with any aspect of Academy life both in and out of the Academy.

There is a strong student council that is listened to and who offer opinions on ways to improve the Academy further for the benefit of the student body as a whole.