Employer Links

Employer Links

Our strong links with a wide range of employers within, and beyond, our community support our work in opening up opportunities for our students to develop their learning and understanding of the application of the STEM subjects. These links give opportunities for project based learning that support the development of the skills that the engineering sector need from our future workforce. These links also give our students work place visits and work experience with advice and support from engineers that work in a wide range of fields within the engineering sector. Our employer partners range from large automotive engineering companies, the railway industry to more specialised engineering organisations, for example, the diamond tooling industry.

Employer led curriculum delivery

To enable our students to contextualise their learning we have developed the curriculum to work with our employer partners to deliver their learning needs through real life engineering projects. Our employers work with the students at Brook Sixth Form and Academy and their engineering teams to deliver aspects of the projects directly to our students. The benefit of the delivery of the curriculum with actual engineers supports the importance to the students of the knowledge and skills that they learn and how this learning is applied to deliver solutions in the real world. The delivery of the curriculum in this manner supports the application of the students learning to the specifications and requirements of their courses.


We believe that engaging students with the real world and how their education will support their future aspirations is important and we aim to engage our students with seeing and understanding how real world engineering can work through visits to a range of organisations. We have developed strong links with our employer partners and have the opportunity for our students to visit different aspects of their organisations. The visits are used to enhance the learning that they have at Elutec Academy, to enable the students to see the wide range of engineering and STEM based career opportunities that they have available to them, to meet the engineers and scientists and have the opportunity to discuss with them their specific roles in their communities. We aim to support students in meeting and visiting a wide range of engineering organisations and are continually developing these visits.