The Academy Day

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy before 8:30am each day where they will be supervised by members of staff. Registration begins at 8:30am whereby all students need to be present in their form rooms. If a student arrives to the Academy after 8:30am, they will be marked as late and receive an after school detention for that evening for 15 minutes. The Academy finishes at 3:30pm on a Monday through to Wednesday and from 3:00pm the remainder of the week. This allows all students to partake in the extra-curricular clubs that take place during the week in order to broaden their knowledge and skill set further.

Time Activity
8:30am Registration
9:00am Period 1
10:00am Period 2
11:00am BREAK
11:30am Period 3
12:30pm Period 4
1:30pm LUNCH
2:00pm Period 5
3:00pm Clubs (Monday to Wednesday only)
Home (Thursday and Friday)
3:30pm Clubs Finish