Employer Engagement Projects

We highly value the work that our Employer Partners do with us. They support our students in enabling them to be involved closely with the real world.

The engagement activities our employer partners arrange cover many of the skills that our students need to support them with their future destinations.

Our industry-focused curriculum and approach to teaching and learning enables students to develop the professional behaviours that employers want to see. These include problem-solving, time management, organisational skills, collaborative working, leadership and the ability to communicate effectively. 

When studying at Brook Sixth Form our students benefit from a range of experiences with our Employer Partners, which include:

  • Projects provided by employers to support our curriculum
  • Opportunity to work in project teams, 
  • Visits to our employer partners workplaces to see the world of work
  • Industry Placement opportunities with our employers that enable our students to have a deeper understanding of their work and the wide ranging opportunities that are on offer.
  • Masterclasses and talks from industry professionals and academics
  • Career presentations and workshops, including support in how to apply for an apprenticeship with their companies