Exploring Creativity: A Week of Innovation at UCL's PEARL Workshop

03 May
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Last week marked an extraordinary experience for our students as they delved into a transformative workshop at UCL's PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Lab). From sparking ideas to crafting immersive environments, each day was a journey of discovery and creativity. Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this enriching week:

**Tuesday:** The week kicked off with a flurry of idea generation sessions, accompanied by immersive audio, video, and light readings. Students immersed themselves in the initial stages of conceptualization, laying the foundation for their projects.

**Wednesday:** Building upon the previous day's momentum, participants dived into the intricacies of lighting design, projection screen techniques, and sensor integration. It was a day of hands-on learning, as students explored various tools and technologies to bring their ideas to life.

**Thursday:** Sound took center stage as students delved into sound manipulation techniques and video production fundamentals. From recording audio to editing video footage, participants honed their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

**Friday:** The culmination of a week filled with exploration and innovation. Students brought together all aspects of their projects, synthesizing their learnings into cohesive presentations. The highlight of the day was the opportunity to share their creations with industry experts, receiving valuable feedback and insights.

PEARL provided the perfect backdrop for this immersive learning experience, offering a unique space to investigate human interactions with the environment. From brainstorming sessions to hands-on experimentation, students were equipped with the tools and knowledge to push the boundaries of creativity.

Swipe through the snapshots to catch a glimpse of the inspiring moments captured during this unforgettable workshop.