Values and Vision


Positive attitude
We embrace enthusiasm, encourage and expect a can-do attitude. We employ talented and experienced staff with a positive outlook who constantly nurture and develop a positive attitude in students, colleagues and partners of Brook Sixth Form and Academy.

We encourage and celebrate positive new ideas and suggestions at every opportunity. We want our staff to be brave enough to be innovative in the curriculum and its delivery. We will encourage our students to be creative and to think independently and have the confidence to think differently.

A sense of urgency
We believe that every day counts and we instill a desire to use that day well to achieve our goal and ambitions. We will strive to develop this quality in our students in their approach to life. We will always strive to identify exactly where our students will benefit most before they arrive and will make plans to meet their individual needs from day one.

Taking responsibility
We will develop a sense of accountability in our students for their own decisions. In our staff and our students we will encourage ambition and constant improvement. We will support measured risk taking and expect and coach individuals to accept that the outcomes of their actions are their responsibility.



Vision Statement

To provide a Technical/STEM education,

in an inclusive safe environment,

that supports/enables students to fulfil their academic potential,

whilst also developing their employability skills,

in order to successful progress to an appropriate next steps destination

Our purpose
Is to provide young people in East London and Essex an opportunity to become the next generation of talented engineers, technicians, scientists and designers through a positive education experience which equips them with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities they need to have a successful career.

Our passion
Is to provide our students, staff and employer partners with a stimulating environment in which to learn, to educate and to connect.

Our goal
Is to be the first choice for students, staff and employers with an interest in Engineering, Design, Science and Technology because of our partnerships, our results and our reputation.



Do you know?

We integrate technical, practical and academic learning and create an environment where students can thrive and develop the abilities that industry needs.

We are a non-selective school that caters for students with a real passion in Engineering, Maths and Science subjects.

We offer:

  • A valuable academic and technical education
  • An extended school day 4 days per week, which includes a range of extension activities to more closely align with a normal business working day
  • A Governing Body of employers and a leading university
  • An essential academic education that relates this to the technical specialisms
  • The latest equipment and technology used by industry
  • Dedicated time allocated to the technical specialism including employer-led projects, working in teams and problem solving
  • An education that is student focused, enabling every student to fulfil l their potential.